Subway Surfers With Cheat

How to cheat in Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers with cheat. Getting to know the hidden parts of the different cities you visit is one of the best parts of playing so it makes sense that players would want to find ways to get access to those areas faster.

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The biggest way to speed up your character in Subway Surfers is by using Hints. These are unlocked after unlocking different characters, and can be used as many times as you like until you purchase more for a certain amount of coins. You also have the option to purchase them in bundles if you don’t have enough spare currency. It doesn’t cost anything extra but it will likely take some time before you unlock everything again. In case you aren’t familiar with Hints yet, they allow you to see hints on where to go or what to do next once you explore a new area. You can use these hints on any level and they will always lead you back towards where they took place. For this reason, we won’t recommend leaving your Hint unlocked otherwise anyone could just follow along behind you and reveal every secret at once! There are other ways in which you can cheat your way through levels faster than normal though – read on for more information.

Subway Surfers with cheat – Walkthrough: How to get money in Subway Surfers

If you want money to buy boosters or hints without having to earn it by completing levels you can use a walkthrough. Just clear a few levels of endless runners for each city and get the coins you want. You can then go to the ‘Shop’ section of Subway Surfers and click the ‘Levels’ option on the left. The levels you’ve completed will be highlighted in green indicating that you have coins to spare. This process is a little more time consuming than just earning the coins through the regular gameplay though so it’s best to only use it when you really need some extra cash. You can also use this walkthrough to get to the new cities faster as you won’t have to earn the coins there.

Subway Surfers with cheat –Hint Unlimited

There’s no doubt that Hints are one of the best cheats in Subway Surfers. They can let you see all the places in a level like the boss level or the last coin collector, and they also let you travel back to previous levels which can be useful if you’ve got a lot still left to do. However, Hints are limited, and each day you can only see one. If you want to see more of them you’ll have to unlock some more hint packs or use real money. There’s also an option to purchase unlimited hints as a bundle. This is a good option considering how often you’ll see Hints on the level and how useful they are. If you want to use Hints for free, you’ll want to make sure you don’t see any hints on the level. This can be tricky if there’s only one hint spot on the level, but you can try switching your camera to see if that helps you out.

Subway Surfers with cheat – Hack and Crash

One of the most frowned upon methods of getting to the boss quicker is by cheating. If you find a way to get to the boss in a level before it finishes loading you can just keep going and then it will register as a win rather than a loss. This isn’t something we recommend but it is possible to do. There’s also the possibility of crashing by trying to go into too many places at once. There are a few different ways this can happen, but the most common one is by using boosts at the same time as boosting somewhere else. While these methods might get you to the boss a little faster, they’re also likely to make the game crash. If you keep crashing even after doing whatever it is you’re doing you might want to try taking a break and seeing if that helps you understand what you’re doing wrong.

Subway Surfers with cheat – Skip Levels with Boosters

One of the easiest ways to skip levels is with boosters. These are items you can buy with coins or watch ads to get for free and they let you fly through a level. This is a cheat as far as the game is concerned as you’re literally flying through the level, but it doesn’t affect how you play. You can still beat these levels as normal and keep any achievements or progress you’ve made. There are a few different kinds of boosters with various different uses. One of the most useful is the double speed booster which increases the speed of your character by two times. You can use this for a lot of levels and it’s an easy way to skip around the map if you want to get to the boss level a little quicker. There are other booster types that only affect a certain area like the coin collector booster which lets you collect every coin in an area without pressing the collect button. These are useful if you want to pick up as many coins as possible while skirting around the map. It’s a cheat way to get to the boss but it isn’t affecting your progress in any way.

Subway Surfers with cheat – Unlock Everything with Coin Deals

One of the final ways you can cheat your way to the boss and other areas in Subway Surfers is with a deal. These are only available in the ‘Deal’ section of the game and they let you buy a bunch of coins for a single click. This method is probably most useful for people who have a bunch of real money to spend but it’s still worth mentioning for anyone who wants to get as much out of their game as possible. You can buy deals for coins, hint packs, and even cash. The deal for coins is by far the most useful. It costs $4.49 for $9.99 worth of coins. This can let you skip the levels you might otherwise have to play and get straight to the boss or any other level you want.


If you don’t want to cheat and you just want to get to the next level as quickly as possible you can try a few things. One of the most effective is to get as many free coins as possible. This lets you buy as many boosters as you want and also buy free hint packs. There are a few ways to earn free coins in Subway Surfers, but the best way is to complete daily challenges. These are available after unlocking each of the characters and are a fun way to get some extra coins. You can also get free coins by watching ads, watching videos, and playing other games. This last method is probably the most effective way to get a lot of coins quickly since you can earn them without having to play. The best way to cheat in Subway Surfors is to learn where the hidden places are and head to those areas. If you’re good at this, you can get through most levels in around five seconds. This doesn’t require you to spend money or even use the map, so there’s no reason to feel bad about cheating.


Although the game can be fun without cheating, it’s much more entertaining to do so. In addition, you will be able to get more coins and unlock more things than you otherwise would have. However, if you don’t want to cheat, you can still get a lot out of the game by exploring different areas, completing certain challenges, and getting to know the hidden secrets of each city.